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THE WORLD OF KRULL is dying. All across its lands, the Black Fortress appears — that Great Devourer of Planets. Sometimes in the mountains, sometimes in the desert . . . but never the same place twice. Within its depths rules The Beast — a wicked Outworlder from beyond Krull — and spilling forth are His army of Slayers to maraud & conquer. Smoke of burning villages now darkens the sky, and the cries of the dying echo through deserted valleys.

"This is the good stuff, folks."
- Vintage RPG
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Designed by Henry M. Richardson

Outworlder is a complete pen & paper RPG system & setting:

● Fast-moving Opposing Roll mechanic uses D10's to resolve conflict & combat.
● Unique magic system for The Beast's dark sorcery & the Blind Seer's power of Vision.
● Exciting combat rules & special character abilities for non-stop, perilous action.

26-Page RPG Booklet (8.5 x 5.5"), Perfect-Bound