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In Deathblow, you roleplay Gang Warriors in a concrete-wasteland known as Reaper City. Marauding gangs stalk the night, cruising streets & highways in search of their next target. While, in dark lairs lies the city's hidden rulers – The Innersanctum – a court of powerful Houses & lords, each with an army of contract killers & gang warriors at their command.

"...take a simple concept, jack it up with some cultural touchstones and get it to the table in 20 minutes for a night of mayhem."

- Vintage RPG
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Designed by Henry M. Richardson

Deathblow is a complete pen & paper RPG system & setting:

● Fast-moving D4 resolution mechanic emphasizes narrative over crunch.
● Unique Vehicle Combat system for fast-paced automotive dueling.
● Dangerous environs & antagonists to battle in the perilous streets of Reaper City.
● Exciting rules for Fireights & weapon upgrades.
● Robust Plot Generator & Power Advancement systems.

20-Page RPG Booklet (8.5 x 5.5")
+ Digital Download Code for the Deathblow Original Soundtrack (OST)