Deathblow Sourcebook

  • Deathblow Sourcebook

Designed by Henry M. Richardson

Expand your games of Deathblow with this must-have universe guide & DM resource.

The Deathblow Sourcebook includes the following:

● Universe Guide with a universe map, location lore, archetypes & random encounters.
● Tables & Generators for Death-Masters & players alike, such as a random Gang Generator.
● Advanced Rules which expand Vehicle Combat & offer rules for Hand To Hand Combat.
● 3 Adventure modules which span the Deathblow Universe, playable as one-shots or in a linked campaign.

Requires the Deathblow Rulebook to play.

36-Page RPG Booklet (8.5 x 5.5")
+ Digital Download Code for the Deathblow Original Soundtrack (OST)