Mischief Night - Deathblow Adventure

  • Mischief Night - Deathblow Adventure
  • Mischief Night - Deathblow Adventure

A new adventure for Deathblow, designed by Nico Lucido.

"The Night Stalkers, a graveyard dwelling gang of horror enthusiasts and vampire wannabes, have been making great scratch moving organs on the black market. The buyer is currently unidentified. Hollow corpses of Reaper Boys, known Harlequin assets, are turning up in the streets of Reaper City. You don’t need a crystal ball to see the connection.

The low track is flooded with tricks, meanwhile, your gang is out looking for a treat. Harlequins opened a contract on the Night Stalkers and their buyer. Every gangman in town is calling it ‘The Great Pumpkin’ on account of the size of the reward and this weekend being Halloween.

Your crew is parked at the William Stoughton Bridge, where a Mischief Night meetup is in full swing..."

This adventure is designed for a crew of Reaper Boys. However, with a little creativity, the Death Master may tailor the scenario to suit any of the gangs in Reaper City their players prefer.

Special adventure-specific character sheet included to photocopy for your players.

Requires both the Deathblow rulebook & the Deathblow Sourcebook to play.