3D Roleplay Con II Admission

$5.00 - $10.00
  • 3D Roleplay Con II Admission
  • 3D Roleplay Con II Admission
  • 3D Roleplay Con II Admission

Mark your calendar for the second annual 3D Roleplay Con! A two-day, Oldhammer gaming convention in Portland, Oregon, USA.

May 14th, 2022
12 - 8 PM

May 15th, 2022
12 - 8 PM

Smile Station
8210 SE 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97202

As of right now, we're planning on running the original editions of 40K Rogue Trader, Necromunda, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Dark Future, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Realm Of Chaos, and, of course, a Mordheim tournament!

Event sign-up will be sent out upon purchasing admission.

Saturday, May 14th:
Warhammer Fantasy Battle
40K Rogue Trader
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Sunday, May 15th:
Dark Future
Realm Of Chaos

If you'd like to submit an event, please use the Contact form at the top of the page & include the game name, game system, & desired time/date. You are also welcome to play any pick-up games you'd like during the con.

Alcohol is not allowed in the event space, unfortunately. Due to OLCC licensing costs, it's not feasible at this time to have a liquor license for 3DR Con II. However, there is a pub right next to the event space (Ancestry Brewing).

Please join the 3DR Con Discord server to be connected with other 3DR II players & game-masters: https://discord.gg/3y3P4pUV5r